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Smoked pork in bowl beside tortillas overhead shot

Smoked Pork Butt Tacos

  • Author: The BBQ Brothers
  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Cook Time: 2 hours
  • Total Time: 2 hours 15 minutes
  • Category: Main Course
  • Method: Smoked
  • Cuisine: Mexican


Tacos so delicious they don't even need cheese! Made from a smoked pork butt, these pork tacos are perfect for serving a crowd!


Meat used: one pork butt (size will vary depending on amount of guests. Note: You will lose about 30% of its size after cooking)

Seasoning: The BBQ Brothers All-purpose BBQ Rub

Wood Used: Hickory (add more every hour)

Grill Temperature: ~225-250 F

Smoke time: ~1:15 to 1:30 per pound of meat, indirect


  1. First things first is to get your butt prepped. Just like everything else we want a nice flavorful rub. We used our all purpose rub after giving it a nice coating of mustard so everything will stick and give us a great flavorful bark. I like to rub it down a day before so that we get a dry brining effect because of the salt.
  2. So the next thing we need to do is get the smoker up and going. We went indirect heat at 225-250F for the duration of the cook. (If you need help with the set up check out our beginners guide to BBQ).
  3. For this cook we used some hickory chips and added them about once every hour. We also spritzed the meat with a mixture of apple juice and brown sugar (make sure the sugar completely dissolves) at the same intervals to keep the meat from drying out too much.
  4. You'll want to wait until your internal temp reaches at least 200F and if you have the patience, go to 203F. You're looking at about 1:15-1:30 per pound of meat but remember: every cook is different and cook to temp not time. If you are pressed for time you can wrap it in foil at any time but you will get a less smoky product as a result.
  5. Once you reach your target temp you can pull it off the heat and put it into a bowl so you can get to pulling. When it comes to pulling you can use just a pair of forks, or if you can wait for it to cool down a bit (or own some heat resistant gloves) the easiest way is by using your hands. You can also use the totally badass bear claws and go full on wolverine on it. Whenever you're pulling just keep your eyes out for any excessively large pieces of fat that haven't fully rendered and toss those out.
  6. So that's it! Pound a couple tacos, drink some cervezas and margaritas and get ready for a food induced siesta!


Any leftover pork can be frozen and reheated, or used up in our Smoked Rib and Pork Butt Sandwich!

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